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Clemens Takes Pay Cut To Stay With Jets

Quarterback Kellen Clemens has apparently accepted a pay cut to remain with the New York Jets.

Clemens told reporters after practice Tuesday that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum told him in a meeting Monday night that the quarterback would have to take a major reduction in his scheduled $1.176 million salary to remain with the Jets.

Since the Jets maintain that Mark Brunell is the top backup to Mark Sanchez, the team’s demand was in line with the thinking around the NFL that there was no way the Jets could pay a No. 3 quarterback more than $1 million.

Clemens also revealed that the Jets had given him permission within the past two weeks to negotiate with other teams about a trade. In the end, though, Clemens decided to stick with the Jets at a lower salary.

I guess when you are No. 3 you take what you are given and don’t argue.