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Move Almost Guarantees Kellen Clemens A Roster Spot

Kellen Clemens can breathe a little easier. He is virtually assured of winning the New York Jets No. 3 quarterback job after the team released Kevin O’Connell.

Clemens appeared to be on shaky ground as far back as the spring, when the Jets put him on the trading block. When they signed [Mark] Brunell before the start of camp, it looked like Clemens was a goner.

In last week’s episode of “Hard Knocks,” in a scene that reveals the Jets’ depth chart, Clemens’ name appears with an “X” next to it — seemingly an indication he was in jeopardy of being released.

Barring the unexpected, Clemens isn’t going anywhere, although his $1.1 million salary — high for a No. 3 quarterback — could become an issue. The Jets may try to renegotiate his contract.