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Jets' Kellen Clemens Wonders What Will Happen Next

Kellen Clemens was once thought of as the New York Jets' quarterback of the future. That, however, was before Brett Favre. And Mark Sanchez. And now, even Mark Brunell.

So, Clemens is left wondering if he will hang on to his roster spot as the Jets third quarterback. Clemens is trying to keep it all in perspective.

With his future, quite literally, day to day, Clemens’ honesty and sense of humor have grown.

“Score,” Clemens said, when informed coach Rex Ryan estimated he has a “pretty strong chance” of making the team. “That’s a heck of a lot better than what it could have been.”

At 27, this is perspective learned from a professional career that has, at times, seemed like the colorful path of a board game, where a move forward can be followed by two steps back.

“I try to put on a good front sometimes when I’m in here,” Clemens said during an interview in the locker room. “There have been a lot of ‘character-building opportunities.’ ”

By Saturday, Clemens should know if he still has a future with the Jets. Or, if you don't consider being the No. 3 quarterback 'a future', at least a job.