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NFL Injuries: Jets Interested In Adalius Thomas?

With linebacker Calvin Pace shelved by a foot injury for at least a few weeks, the New York Jets have reached out to former Baltimore and New England linebacker Adalius Thomas.

Regarding Thomas, a 33-year-old who was released by the Patriots in April, [Rex] Ryan expressed interest in moving quickly. Thomas is a two-time Pro Bowler but saw his output drop significantly in three seasons with New England, especially the last two.

"If we're going to do it, we'd rather do it sooner than later," Ryan said. "But there are still some other things involved, other factors involved, and things like that. Sometimes what really makes sense, might not make sense to the organization, so we'll see."

Ryan explained he would not bring in Thomas if he wasn't certain there would be a roster spot available. As of yesterday afternoon, there were no plans to bring him in for a physical.

Gang Green Nation likes the idea of bringing in Thomas, who excelled in Baltimore while Ryan was the defensive coordinator there.