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Apparently, All The Patriots Hate The Jets

If you can believe Rodney Harrison, and why wouldn't you when the former New England Patriot is talking about how his former mates feel about the New York Jets, there is a whole lot of hatred.

Referencing Tom Brady's comments that he doesn't watch Hard Knocks because he hates the Jets, Harrison said he thinks Bardy's comments represent the feelings of the entire Patriots locker room.

" Tom Brady is an honest guy, but Tom never comes out and blatantly says how much he hates a particular team," Harrison said on an NBC Sports media call. "So obviously they're very tired, fed up with the trash talk."

Harrison also noted that Jets coach Rex Ryan has become the most vocal member of the organization. Harrison said that can be particularly galling to players.

"It's one thing if a player trash talks," Harrison said. "But if a coach starts trash talking, guess what? He hasn't made one tackle, he hasn't caught the ball, he hasn't scored one touchdown."↵



The teams meet in Week 2 of the NFL season. I can't wait.