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SB Nation Top Five: September Mets Call-ups

With the playoffs now a longshot, the Mets turn to familiar thrills for the first baseball month to include fall: minor-league callups. Indications are that Jenrry Mejia may get the call if his start on Monday with Buffalo goes well. He could be in the rotation by the weekend.

Let's take a nostalgic look at some of the best September debuts the Mets have ever had:

1. John Stearns, 1976: The future All-Star catcher hit .295/.406/.432 in 1976, making it clear he was ready to assume everyday duties behind the plate.  By 1977, he was in the Midsummer Classic, one of four times he earned the honor.

2. Jeff Reardon, 1979: The future star closer posted an ERA of 1.74 in 20 2/3 innings. Too bad the Mets traded him for Ellis Valentine.

3. Ron Darling, 1983: In five starts, the Yale grad posted an ERA of 2.80, showing the form that made him a rotation mainstay throughout the 1980s.

4. Dave Magadan, 1986: Mags hit .444 in hist first time experiencing major league pitching, even contributing a pair of hits in the September 17, 1986 NL East clincher.

5. Gregg Jefferies, 1988: The next Ted Williams by reputation, Jefferies hit .321 with a .596 slugging percentage. The Mets actually called him up in late August to make him eligible for postseason play.