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'Nothing's Happening' In Revis Negotiations

Pro Football Talk is wondering which side will cave in the Darrelle Revis vs. the New York Jets contract saga.

Right now, nothing is getting done. Meaning the Jets are staring at heading into the season with a defense depleted by the loss of Revis and the injury to Calvin Pace. From PFT:

The truth is that nothing’s happening. They’re not close. They’re not talking.

It’s not about total dollars. It’s about guaranteed money. As in truly and fully guaranteed money.

If the two sides ever can strike a deal on fully guaranteed money, the rest of the deal will fall into place quickly.

But before that can happen, someone will have to cave. And before the season begins, the Jets would be the most likely to flinch. Once the season starts, it’ll hinge on whether the Jets can shut down the Ravens, the Patriots, and the Dolphins without Revis.

If they can’t, it could be Emmit Smith and the 1993 Cowboys all over again, with the team writing the check for the amount the player wants. If the Jets can win without Revis, it could be Sean Gilbert and the 1998 Redskins, with the player sitting out the whole season.

I still can’t believe that the Jets, with Super Bowl aspirations, have allowed this to happen with their best player.