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Important Dates, Christmas Day Game for Knicks Unvelied

The NBA schedule is being partially released today, and via Posting and Toasting, here's the most interesting of what's on the New York Knicks docket:

10/27: Knicks at Raptors (Season Opener)

10/30: Knicks vs. Blazers (Home Opener)

12/17: Knicks vs. Heat (B.Y.O. Projectiles)

12/24: Knicks vs. Bulls (Christmas Day on ABC/ESPN)

So again, the Knicks will play on Christmas Day - which is great. The one nationally broadcast game the Knicks had last year is better than the zero nationally broadcast games the Knicks had most of the Isiah Thomas era, except that one year Zach Randolph and Stephon Marbury went up against the newly united Boston Big Three on TNT and lost by nearly 50. 

No news on the New Jersey Nets schedule yet - more as that happens.