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Mike Tannenbaum Weighs In On The Ongoing Darrelle Revis Saga

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New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York on Monday to talk about the ongoing saga that is Darrelle Revis’ contract situation. Bottom line is this: Revis wants to be paid like the best corner in the league (something his head coach claims he is), while the Jets are weary of offering him such a lucrative extension with three years remaining on his rookie contract. Here’s a few choice nuggets from the interview.

On how disappointed he is that Revis is not in camp:

"Well certainly we’re disappointed that Darelle is not here, but as I mentioned yesterday, we did go to him proactively to address his contact multiple times in the offseason. And we’re working on that, and we know how well he’s played, and we know he has three years to go to his contract. And given those two things that we’ve acknowledged, we’ve got to find a deal that makes sense for both sides and that’s what we’d like to get done."

On if it’s true that the Jets’ ownership is strapped for cash and that it’s factoring into this negotiation stalemate:

"No. We went out and got Brett Favre, we traded up for Mark Sanchez, we have the best facility in the NFL, we’re going to the best stadium in the NFL, resources have never been a problem. Again, we’re talking about total compensation here, and we have a disagreement about total compensation. and until we get over that threshold issue, all these other subsequent issues of bonus, cash flow issues – they really don’t matter. We don’t have an agreement on the amount of money that should be paid. Once we have an agreement on that, we have to keep ourselves in the room and work through the rules which are really, really difficult because we’re in the last year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and find a landing spot that we can both live with."