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Tomlinson Won't Trade Barbs With Chargers

New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson is refusing to get into a war of words with his former San Diego Charger teammates.

Here is what was said about Tomlinson.

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates said Tomlinson operated at a remove from his teammates.

“Sometimes you would get the sense that people felt bigger than the team. Not to say it was an issue, but we know it’s not an issue for sure now. Me and LT had a wonderful relationship, but sometimes you got the sense of stardom status and you can only take it so far,” Gates told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said Tomlinson’s departure will allow him to become more of a team leader.

“Maybe [Tomlinson’s exit] was a little bit of a relief,” he said. "Maybe it’s a feeling of, ‘I can do a little more without wondering what he thinks.’ "

Even though you know it has to bother him some, Tomlinson said the criticism “doesn’t hurt me.”

The Jets have enough distractions these days. Probably a good thing for Tomlinson to try and avoid another one.