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Revis Saga Has No End In Sight

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It appears that both Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets are dug in on their positions concerning Revis' training camp holdout.

Jets owner Woody Johnson yesterday weighed in on the Revis training-camp holdout for the first time, and insisted the primary issue between the sides is not the fully guaranteed money that Revis is seeking for career security.

Sources close to Revis, however, are adamant that the fully guaranteed money is exactly the issue and, if the Jets were willing to give him either fair-market compensation for 2010 as a short-term solution (perhaps $10 million) or a large signing bonus for the long-term deal (perhaps $30 million) — even if it’s deferred — a deal would get done.

This whole thing is not good news for Jets fans, or helpful for the team’s Super Bowl aspirations.