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Girardi: 'My Focus Is Here'

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi tried Friday to diffuse talk about the possibility of him leaving the Yankees to manage the Chicago Cubs next season.

“If you love this game it’s flattering to hear your name mentioned as a big-league manager – no matter what you’re doing,” Girardi said. "I was flattered to be mentioned for the Yankees, I was flattered to be mentioned for the Marlins; if you love the game and you love what you do like I do, it’s nice.

“But my focus is here,” he continued. “I have a responsibility to the Steinbrenners, who have treated me and my family great, to Brian Cashman and his staff, to the guys in that (clubhouse), and to the entire organization and our fan base to do whatever I can to help us get No. 28.”

Nice try, Joe. You know, though, that this will be a topic of conversation until you sign a new for 2011 in one place or the other.