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Did 'Hard Knocks' Make It Hard For Jets To Deal Kellen Clemens?

Oops! HBO’s Hard Knocks may have inadvertently put the New York Jets in a bind if the team is intending to trade No. 3 quarterback Kellen Clemens.

In Wednesday night’s episode, a shot of the team’s roster board reveals an “X” next to quarterback Kellen Clemens’ name. And “X” apparently marks the spot — as in the loss of a roster spot.

The disclosure comes at a time when the Jets are believed to be hoping to trade Clemens, a second-round pick in 2006. So with Clemens possibly on the cut list, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will give up anything of value for Clemens — unless another team wants to trade for his $1.176 million contract in lieu of trying to sign him as a free agent.

I know the Jets love the attention, but to me this is an example of how more bad than good can come from inviting this type of scrutiny.