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New York Islanders Offical TV Schedule

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The New York Islanders—usually always overshadowed by their bigger brothers in Manhattan—did not get the royal treatment in terms of national team slots.

The New York Islanders only received one NHL on NBC game:

Sunday January 23rd: Buffalo Sabres at New York Islanders

Although I love the choice, I think that Islander fans will be upset that they didn’t get more love.

Things don’t get much better when it comes to the Versus schedule. The Islanders only received two slots on the Versus tablet.

Wednesday October 13th: New York islanders at Washington Capitals.
Wednesday February 2nd: New York islanders at Pittsburgh Penguins.

I love these two picks, the Islanders get some face time against two of the top teams in the NHL, but you would have to want more than three total national slots if you are an Islanders fan. Especially when you think that the Rangers got 17 total slots, compared to the Islanders three.

But that’s the way it works. Bigger markets get more love.