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New Jersey Devils Official TV Schedule

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The New Jersey Devils had their official NHL TV schedule announced today, and the picks were kind of sparse.

The Devils only received three NHL on NBC games this year. Here they are:

-- Sunday January 23rd: Florida Panthers at New Jersey Devils.
-- Sunday March 20th: New Jersey Devils at Columbus Blue Jackets. 
-- Sunday April 10th: Boston Bruins at New Jersey Devils

I’m kind of surprised that there is no New York Rangers or Philadelphia Flyers match up here. I also expected to see a Pittsburgh Penguins bout, especially since the Penguins signed Paul Martin.

The game against Columbus is pretty insignificant, and the game against Boston is cool; but I would rather see another match up.

The New Jersey Devils received six slots on Versus. Here are the teams and the dates:

-- Tuesday December 21st: New Jersey Devils at Washington Capitals.
-- Tuesday January 4th: Minnesota Wild at New Jersey Devils.
-- Wednesday January 26th: New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings.
-- Tuesday February 22nd: New Jersey Devils at Dallas Stars.
-- Tuesday April 5th: new Jersey Devils at Pittsburgh Penguins.

Well, Versus at least gave us one Penguins-Devils game. I think that Devils fans will appreciate the games against the Capitals and the Red Wings. Not too sure that the Stars are a big draw, but at least the Devils got some good games with Versus.

Overall — especially when compared to the Rangers schedule — I don’t think that Devils fans will be too pleased with their national slots. But I don’t think it’s as bad as it could have been.