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Johnny Damon Won't Go To Boston

Detroit Tiger outfielder Johnny Damon will pass up a chance to return to the Boston Red Sox, refusing to waive his no-trade clause after being claimed on waivers by Boston.

“I know going to Boston probably could have helped out my free agency. But so be it. I felt like, when we started this season, this team was all together in our thought process. We’re going to win and lose together. We’re going to continue that. We’re going to go out there and keep playing hard. These kids are going to keep learning and, hopefully, we can keep going."

Some have speculated that Damon’s relationship with Red Sox fans is too fractured to return, after he left for the archrival Yankees in 2005.

“I would have loved to gone and back and played with (Red Sox David Ortiz) and (Jason) Varitek," Damon said. “But that time has kind of passed.”

I have to wonder if, in his heart, Damon wishes he had been able to come to an agreement with the Yankees last offseason.