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Lee: I Haven't Decided To Join Yankees In 2011

Despite ESPN radio talking head Colin Cowherd’s assertions, Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee says he has not already decided to leave the Rangers and pitch for the New York Yankees next season.

@TheBigLead tweeted that Colin Cowherd said that a source told him Lee hated Texas, had already mentally fit himself for Yankee pinstripes and offered his lackluster performance Saturday in Baltimore as proof.

“It’s a lie,” a clearly stunned Lee said after Monday’s game. “Write that. Are you writing? Write that it’s a lie. I did not say that and nobody close to me would say that. Either say who the source is or shut up because I am saying it is not true.”

“Why?” I heard Cowherd explain on local four-lettered radio. "[Lee] doesn’t care about Baltimore. And he doesn’t care about Texas.

“When he pitches against elite teams, he is showcasing his talent. ‘Here I am. I still got it’. [Saturday] against the Orioles, he mails it in. That is a dude that gets out town the second the season ends. He’ll get out of town, go to the Yankees and jettison the Rangers.”

Ugh! Lee ‘mails it in’? I don’t think so. All I know is the guy is a great pitcher, I hope the Yankees get him in 2011. Oh, and I know darn well the Yankees don’t want to face him in the postseason, which is what the Rangers got him for in the first place.