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Jerome Jordan Ditches Knicks for Serbia

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Jerome Jordan was a second-round pick of the Knicks, so he wasn't guaranteed a roster spot even if he decided to sign a contract. However, the rookie out of Tulsa had a very, very good shot: the Knicks only have two centers on their roster and, if they signed Jordan, would have been at only 15 players - the league max.. But he decided rather than take his chances, he'd accept a certain opportunity - and certain money - overseas with KK Hemofarm of the Serbian League. Here:

Jamajčanin Džeremi Džordan (24, 213 cm) je novo pojačanje Hemofarma za sledeću sezonu. Angažovanjem igrača koji nije potpisao profesionalni ugovor sa NBA ekipiom Njujork Niks

This tells us a lot, for example, that the Serbian phrase for "New York Knicks" is, in fact, Njujork Niks. (This was not news to writers for our sister site, SBNation Njujork.) 

This leaves the Knicks somewhat thin at center: with Amare Stoudemire set to play power forward, as several Knicks sources have seemed to indicate, the Knicks are now depending on Ronny Turiaf and Russian import Timofey Mozgov to hold down the big man spot. (Eddy Curry is on the roster, too, but is most valuable as an expiring contract.) This does open up a spot for former Net Maurice Ager, who has been linked to the Knicks in recent days.

The Knicks will retain the ability to sign Jordan should he ever return from Serbia. He is 24, however, and has shown little positive in a basketball light besides being a raw 7-footer. Chances are he never suits up in a Knick uniform.

Sadly, this marks the first time since before the Knicks signed Jerome James in 2005 that the team will start the season without a player initialed "JJ" on their roster.

(via Sham.)