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Tiki Blabber Can't Leave The Giants Alone

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Somebody needs to tell Tiki Barber to shut up when it comes to talking about his former NFL employer, the New York Giants.

Every time you talk about the Giants, Tiki, you just make yourself look like a bitter, attenton-starved former player jealous of the team's success since you left. So, shut up!

There. I guess now someone HAS told Tiki Blabber to stifle. 

What did Tiki say that has me all riled up? Well Tiki, who publicly questioned Tom Coughlin while he was a Giant and ripped Eli Manning after leaving the team, is questioning the team again.

"I love what Eli has become as a player and as someone who takes command of their offense,'' Barber told Newsday.

And the rest of the Giants, he was asked: "I wish I could say I wasn't worried, but I am, mainly because I think the offensive line is in a little bit of flux now and it's been their strength for so long.

"I feel like they're a team that's a couple of injuries away from being very bad," Barber said. "If that happens, it's not going to be pretty.''

Gee, Tiki, thanks a lot. Now, go away.

Take DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff off the Cowboy defense. Or Peyton Manning off the Colts. Or, Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson off the Vikings. Think any of that would be pretty? Umm ... no. 

So, what was the point? Injuries hurt NFL teams? Hey, great analysis. Thanks for playing there, Tiki Blabber.

Now, please, go back to worrying about putting your life back together. Not how good or bad the Giants will be. NO one really wants your opinion.