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Have Giants Left Albany For The Last Time?

The New York Times wonders if the just-concluded New York Giants Training Camp will be the final one they hold at the University at Albany.

The Giants are, of course, non-committal.

“We really have not discussed that at all,” John Mara, the team’s president, said about the possibility of returning in 2011. “We like it here, so we’ll see.”

General Manager Jerry Reese said: “We think our facility there in the Meadowlands, we could have our training camp there. We have the fields available, and we have the equipment there. We’d have to house the players and make it fan friendly. We’ve had discussions about those things, but no decision has been made.”

I am somewhat biased on the subject because I live within 20 minutes of the UAlbany campus, meaning when the Giants come to Albany I can see almost every practice. I also, however, happen to think getting away to a different location for camp has tremendous value for a team.

We will just have to wait and see if the Giants agree.