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The New York Rangers Acquire Todd White

In a surprising move late last night the New York Rangers acquired forward Todd White from the Atlanta Thrashers. Because of the late hour, what the Rangers gave back is still unknown. 

White -- who is one year removed from a career high 22 goal 51 assist season -- is a center who can also pivot at left wing.  The Rangers, who are in need of some left wing depth, probably picked up the 35-year-old White cheaply, mainly because of his age and his rough season (7 goals 19 assists in 65 games) last year. 

White probably won't be expected to take on a huge role with this newer and younger New York Rangers team, but he is a very solid piece to have on the ice. He is pretty much a lock for 40+ points and he is on the last year of a $2.375-million dollar cap hit.

White not only brings some veteran savvy to a very young team, but he also comes with 43 playoff games of experience under his belt; he notched 8 goals and 3 assists in those games. Although those numbers aren't jaw-dropping, you can never underestimate the importance of having another guy on the team who "has been there," and can help "steady the ship" if things get out of hand. Especially with a young team. 

Although many Ranger fans will complain about the Rangers "taking another spot away from a kid," White brings quite a bit to the table, and even in his advanced age he has a ton of upside.

When word breaks as to what the Thrashers got back we will update it for you here, until then make sure to check out Blueshirt Banter for more on this story. I'll have more analysis once I see what the Rangers gave back (sources say that it was salary, but obviously take that with a HUGE grain of salt). 

More when it happens ...