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Rangers Trade Donald Brashear And Patrick Rissmiller For Todd White

Although the deal was announced late last night, the official terms didn’t get released until about five minutes ago. According to multiple reports the Rangers have traded Donald Brashear and Patrick Rissmiller to Atlanta for Todd White.

That is a hell of a trade.

The Rangers were on the block for Brashear’s 1.4 million dollar cap hit this year, even though he was waived to Hartford (because he signed his deal after he turned 35). As for Rissmiller: he had absolutely no chance of hitting the ice for the Rangers this season, so adding him to a deal makes some sense.

I don't know what Atlanta saw in Brashear and Rissmiller that made them "lick their chops" but I'm happy about it. As I said last night, White is easily a 40 point guy with a ton of offensive upside. He is only one year removed from a 22 goal 51 assist season, and gives the Rangers some much needed left wing depth.

In the end, this was another magic deal from Glen Sather. Todd White is a very nice piece to the puzzle, and will help the Rangers in many different ways this year. And even if he doesn’t, the Rangers were able to cut some fat in this deal, and somehow get something back in return. The evil genius does it again.

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