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Andy Pettitte Hopes To Return In September

Remember August 9 when we published a report that said New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte was close to returning from his groin injury?

This is seemingly no longer the case.

Pettitte will not be ready to return to the mound until the first week of September at the earliest, and more likely the middle of the month, which could compromise his ability to be at his best for the postseason according to an ESPN report.

Pettitte’s rehab of the left groin muscle he strained July 18 was shut down for a week by the Yankees training staff Tuesday after an MRI showed that the injury still had not healed.

“To say I’m frustrated, that’s an understatement,” Pettitte said. “I’m trying to stay as positive as I can, but I want to pitch. I just want to get back and I want to pitch and I want to be healthy.”

Interestingly enough, the pitcher blamed himself for pushing too hard and delaying his comeback.

“It’s my downfall, the anticipation and expectations I have,” he said. “I literally felt I was gonna be ready to pitch against Boston maybe, or in Kansas City on the weekend, no doubt about it. Obviously, that was last week and I’m sitting here and I’m not gonna be ready to get back on the mound for another week. A lot of stuff is going through my head as we get to the end of the season here.”

As long as he is ready for the playoffs, there probably isn’t much to worry about.