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REPORT: Jets Looking To Trade QB Kellen Clemens

With the signing of Mark Brunell to backup Mark Sanchez this season, the New York Jets had all but notified former starting quarterback Kellen Clemens that his time with the team was coming to a close.

After showcasing him in Monday night’s game against the Giants, it seems they’re ready to officially start looking for offers according to a report from ESPN.

The Jets found no takers when they tried to trade Clemens before the draft, but the recent arrival of Brunell could make him expendable. Clemens may have improved his value around the league with a solid performance against the New York Giants.

If the Jets don’t receive a worthwhile offer, they could keep him as the No. 3 quarterback. But make no mistake: They will answer the phone if another team calls with an offer.

Clemens is due to make $1.1 million this season which is a bit high for a third-string quarterback not expected to see much playing time.