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Eli Manning Not Ruled Out For Next Giants Game

Even though New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning suffered a forehead gash that caused him to need 12 stitches in Monday night’s victory over the New York Jets, the Giants aren’t ruling the quarterback out of next week’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Giants’ medical staff is trying to figure out how Manning can practice with a helmet on since the gash is on his forehead and that could impact the healing of the wound. Coughlin would not speculate as to whether he will have his starting quarterback this Saturday in a preseason game against the Steelers.

“We will wait and hear what the doctors have to say once all the examinations are concluded,” Coughlin said. “The idea for me going forward was how we are going to make it so that he can practice and play with the stitches. Naturally there is concern there from the doctor’s standpoint because just the nature of where the helmet sits according to where the stitches sit could create a problem in terms of healing.”

I fully expect Manning to sit out at least one preseason game, but it is encouraging that the gruesome looking injury isn’t nearly as bad as it looked.