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Father-In-Law Reportedly Told K-Rod To 'Stop Acting Like A Baby'

Details are emerging about what caused New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez to attack his father-in-law Wednesday night at Citi Field.

The one-sided fight began when Carlos Peña challenged Rodriguez’s manhood and insulted his mother after the crazed closer began shouting about the latest Mets loss, police sources told the Daily News.

“Stop acting like a baby,” one source quoted Peña as telling the volatile Rodriguez inside a Citi Field lounge designated for players’ families. “Man up, and play better.”

K-Rod’s mother told Peña to keep his mouth shut, prompting a screaming match in Spanish between the pair, the source said.

“You can’t talk to my mami that way!” Rodriguez shouted before landing the first of many punches in the Wednesday night mismatch.

Mature, Francisco. That’s really mature.