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Ex-Teammate Washington Understands Revis' Situation

Former New York Jet running back Leon Washington understands what Darrelle Revis is thinking by holding out. Washington, now with Seattle, was with the Jets last season and faced a similar situation.

He played, got hurt and ended up losing millions of dollars.

“I told Darrelle … ’I’m not going to tell you what to do and not to do, not to go back or even stay with the team, but line up to my situation and do what’s best for your family,’” Washington said Wednesday as a guest on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“Darrelle loves to play football and the thing that hurts him more than anything is that he’s been portrayed as a guy that, you know, doesn’t want to be a Jet, that doesn’t love football,” Washington said. “It hurts him to death not being out there, but at the same time, he has to do what’s right for his family.”