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Ryan Wants 'Cards On The Table'

How important is Darrelle Revis to the New York Jets? Important enough for coach Rex Ryan to suggest cancelling practice and having the entire organization meet with the holdout cornerback.

“This is what I would like to have happen — for everybody to put their cards on the table,” Ryan said after this morning’s practice. “Have Darrelle come here with anybody he wanted. We’ll have Mr. Johnson here. In fact, this is the way I would handle it: We’ll call off practice. We’ll have our whole team there and meet. That way there’s no he said-she said. Just get the thing done. And let’s work it that way.”

Ryan didn’t stop there.

“Let’s do this,” the coach continued. “I’m inviting them to come in – Darrelle to come in with everybody else. Anybody he wants. We’ll have the whole team there, including the owner. The entire organization. … And then that’s maybe how we’ll get a solution. Everybody wants a solution. Well, let’s figure a way to do it. Maybe this is a way.”

Despite saying the Jets would be OK withour Revis, Ryan knows the team stands no chance of winning the Super Bowl without him. He can say what he wants, though, it is still Woody Johnson’s money that Revis is after.