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NBA Unlikely To Approve Knicks' Hiring Of Isiah Thomas

Ken Berger of CBSSports can’t blame Knicks fans for being upset with their team re-hiring Isiah Thomas—whose tenure as coach and GM set the franchise back years, if not a decade—as a consultant, but ultimately says that their concerns won’t matter, as the NBA likely will not approve the move. He explains:

The NBA Constitution and By-Laws include very strict prohibitions against team employees having contact with draft-ineligible players –- i.e., high school prospects and college or international players not yet eligible to be drafted. NBA team officials aren’t even permitted to utter the names of such players, much less coach them, scout them, or comment about them in press conferences.

Berger goes deeper in depth to explain why certain league rules prohibit the Knicks’ supposed agreement with Thomas, “plain as day.” Maybe Knicks fans have nothing to fear after all.