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Knicks GM Donnie Walsh Denies Rumors Of His Retirement Plans

Now what for the New York Knicks and their disappointed fans? LeBron won't be bringing his talents to Madison Square Garden in 2010 and beyond. Well, at least not more than the few times a year that the Miami heat travel north to the Empire State to take on the Knicks. General Manager Donnie Walsh and head coach Mike D'Antoni have to be a touch sick to their stomachs that James won't be making them look good in the future. Heck, considering the mess that Isiah Thomas left, you have to think that D'Antoni and Walsh accepted the job thinking that all the organization's troubles would be solved if King James was signed this summer.

So now what for the duo? Well, D'Antoni isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Certainly not this year, even if the team were to struggle. What about Walsh? The former architect of the Indiana Pacers is no spring chicken nor 100 percent healthy.

A recent story in the New York Post said that Walsh was contemplating retiring at the end of this month. Does the fact that LeBron didn't wind up in New York make it more plausible that he will walk away after a long career of fairly impressive success in the league?

Not so fast says Walsh, who wrote into the Post this morning to deny any such rumor and innuendo:

In the e-mail, Walsh wrote, "I want to rebuild the New York Knicks and that's what my focus has been on.

"Unlike my tongue (cancerous), I didn't make a secret of the operation on my neck. I have been in front of the press in a wheelchair and I totally disclosed why I have to temporarily use it."

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