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'You Just Don't Do Business That Way'

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The New York Yankees are livid with the Seattle Mariners for backing out of a seemingly completed Cliff Lee trade and sending him to the Texas Rangers.

Here, from Twitter, are a few reactions.

From Ken Rosenthal.

#Yankees livid with #Mariners. Believed they had deal, then M’s took it to #Rangers saying put Smoak in and Lee is yours… #MLB

Another tweet from Rosenthal — this one with the money quote.

From Newsday’s Ken Davidoff.

Talent drives trades, but relationships matter, and right now, I don’t see the #Yankees and #Mariners trying another trade soon.

From Mark Feinsand of the Daily News.

Texas can’t possibly sign Lee to an extension in-season, so he will be a free agent. And the Yankees can hand him a blank check in December.

After this, you can be pretty sure the Yankees will not be outbid for Lee during the off-season.