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Olney: Lee-To-Yanks Close, But Not In Place Yet

ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting that the proposed Cliff Lee to the Yankees deal is not a sure thing yet.

The Seattle Mariners are pushing hard to complete a Cliff Lee trade, and the Yankees are closing in on a deal for the left-hander — but as of Friday morning, there was no agreement in place, sources say, and it’s possible another team could step in and make a more aggressive bid.

The Mariners have been talking with the Rays, Twins, Rangers, Reds and other teams, and news that the Yankees were on the verge of getting Lee — first reported by the New York Post — could spur one of the other teams to strengthen its offer.

The Yankees have apparently gone this far. I would be surprised if Lee — who is scheduled to pitch — is on the mound against them tonight.