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Get To Know A Blogger ... Joe Fortunato Edition

'Get To Know A Blogger' series continues as hockey writer Joe Fortunato answers a few questions.

<strong>Mike Richter </strong>... Joe's favorite New York athlete. (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images/NHLI)
Mike Richter ... Joe's favorite New York athlete. (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images/NHLI)

I have not gotten back to the 'Get To Know A Blogger' here at SB Nation New York series for a little while. You have yet to officially 'meet' our whole staff, though, so let's get back to it. Today's subject is Joe Fortunato, who comes to us from Blueshirt Banter (New York Rangers) and is primarily a hockey writer.

Question: Hockey is, obviously, your first love when it comes to sports. How did you come to be such a huge hockey fan?

A: Well the day I was born my father sat down and watched a Rangers game with me. He claims that he is the main reason for me being a New York Rangers fan, and I would have to agree (remind me to smack him). It also helps that my Dad has had season tickets with the Rangers for 20 years, and I have been blessed (cursed?) to be able to go to about 20 games a year. Plus there is nothing like a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

Q: New York teams you love? New York teams you loathe? We have to know your biases.

A: Well the Rangers, Yankees and Giants. Add the Knicks to that list if they manage to sign LeBron. As for New York teams I loathe? Definitely the Islanders, I was born and raised hating them; and thankfully I didn't live through the dynasty. But that's really it. I don't hate the Jets or the Mets, and I don't consider the Nets or the Devils as a "New York team" (maybe there is your bias right there).

Comment: Hey, no fair bringing MY biases into this! How can I hate on New Jersey -- that is where my Giants play.

Q: Favorite moment as a New York sports fan? Or, favorite New York sporting event you have attended?

A: My personal favorite moment was Michel Rozsival's double OT winner against the Buffalo Sabres in the playoffs back in 2007. Although the Rangers lost that series in heartbreaking fashion, at the time it was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. If you have ever been to a hockey playoff game, you understand where I am coming from.
As for favorite sporting event, probably Mike Richter's retirement game. I cried like a baby the entire night. But you could probably add Adam Graves, Brian Leetch and Mark Messier's retirement games up there, too.

4. You do a lot of radio stuff (and yes, this is your chance to plug it). If you had your choice would you rather be a world famous radio broadcaster or a world famous sports writer?

A: What a tough question. I guess I would have to say radio, although it is very close. Me and Travis Hughes run SB Nation's official NHL radio program called Rink Side Radio, and it is just so rewarding having people hear what you have to say, and cal in with their own opinions. Plus I love to talk, but writing is a really close second. It may actually be a push ...

Q: Your favorite New York athlete of all time is ... ?

A: I gotta go with Mike Richter (although Henrik Lundqvist is starting to take him over) he was my first sports love and my first real sports idol. While I wasn't old enough to remember the Stanley Cup win (I was six in 1994) I did watch the games over and over on tape and I felt like I lived it. Plus I have always had a soft spot for goalies.