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ESPN: Free-Agent Forward Heading To Heat

Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are headed to Miami. Now, will LeBron James join them?

Either way, the move turns the Heat into an Eastern Conference power.

The pair of free agents plan on announcing their decision today, meaning that the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets have apparently missed out on two of the three biggest names this summer. Where the third - LeBron James - goes, just got a little bit more interesting.

Tuesday, the reports from ESPN's Chris Broussard were that LeBron was trying to woo Bosh to play in Cleveland. Although Bosh made it known that he wanted to play with LeBron, he seemed to have his heart set on not playing in Cleveland, and today, it seems he's headed to join Wade in Miami.

If the contracts are right, the Heat will have enough money to sign James as well, but this certainly narrows down his options. He won't be able to get any major free agent names to join him in Cleveland, and the plan of having a duo or trio in Chicago appears to have fallen through as well. He still might opt to play with one of those teams - Derrick Rose isn't half bad - but the Knicks with new signee Amare Stoudemire certainly got a lot more interesting, although Miami certainly seems to be the most enticing option.

-- SB Nation New York's Rodger Sherman contributed to this report.