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Morning Coffee! All Alex, All The Time

Good morning, New York! This is your Alex Rodriguez, er, New York/New Jersey sports roundup.

  • It does seem like the world revolves around A-Rod -- at least the part that does not revolve around LeBron James. Rodriguez hit two A-Bombs (yes, a nod to New York Yankee broadcaster John Sterling) Tuesday night, including  grand slam. He now has 597, three away from becoming the seventh player in baseball history to reach 600. Check the 'Countdown to 600' graphic toward the bottom of the page to follow his progress. Also, there was A-Rod making peace with Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden. Oh, and A-Rod announcing that he will attend a PED fund-raiser. See Pinstripe Alley for more.

Now, on to your non-A-Rod news.

  • Johan Santana popped the first home run of his career Tuesday night. More importantly for the New York Mets, he pitched like an ace. Johan shut out Cincinnati, 3-0. Amazin' Avenue
  • New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will be lending his voice to an animated series on Nickelodeon. Insert your own joke about his voice, a face made for voice acting, whatever.
  • The New York Islanders are currently holding their annual Prospect Camp. It will conclude with a scrimmage on Saturday night.
  • In case you didn't know, LeBron is now on Twitter. Yes, 'KingJames' is the real LeBron. You would think he would better things to do than launch a 'Twitter' account right now.