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Nets' Owner Opines On LeBron James' Options

All anyone can do while we wait for LeBron James’ basketball camp to end so that he can get around to making the most important decision in the history of the universe — where he will play basketball from now on — is offer opinions.

Good old ESPN has obtained some inside info on New Jersey Nets’ onwer Mikhail Prokhorov doing just that recently. has obtained notes from the meeting from a league source, and they provide interesting insight into the perceptions of the NBA’s newest, most fascinating owner — who, above all, left his first foray into NBA free agency optimistic his Nets soon would be the home of James.

The Nets were the first of six teams to meet with James last week, and after what was, by most accounts, an impressive presentation, Prokhorov made these observations about James’ decision-making process:

On the conference call, he categorized the options he believes James has before him:

• The “hometown angle” of remaining with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

• The choice to play with Wade and Bosh in Miami, where James would have a “very high chance to win two or three titles” but where he could also “diminish the LeBron brand.”

• Joining the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers or New York Knicks. These teams, according to Prokhorov, are similar from a basketball standpoint and he believes none of the three clubs has a clear-cut strategy for winning championships.

• Becoming a member of the Nets, who would give James the best opportunity to build a dynasty, become a champion and emerge as a global icon.