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Stoudemire-D'Antoni Round 2 Doomed To Fail?

Fox Sports’ Charley Rosen says the Amare Stoudemire-Mike D’Antoni marriage won’t work any better in New York than it did in Phoenix — meaning it won’t work at all.

Forget about Stoudemire and D’Antoni making amends, forget about the happy faces and bright-eyed platitudes that will emerge in the news conference that announces the signing. And forget about the promises of championships that inevitably will be won when or if the Knicks sweep the board of top-notch free agents.

These are the essential reasons Stoudemire has decided to re-up with D’Antoni:

• Phoenix was dullsville, Chicago is merely the second city and Miami is a comparatively low-budget franchise.

• New York, however, is where the action is.

• And, most importantly, New York is where the money is.

In short, despite whatever further roster moves are made, New York and Stoudemire have joined forces for all the wrong reasons.

Knicks’ fans want to be happy today, but I agree with a lot of what Rosen said. There is no Steve Nash in New York to get Stoudemire easy baskets. There are also a lot of bright lights to distract him.