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Brian Windhorst: LeBron James "Undecided"

Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy.
After two years of speculation, a week of meetings, two with the New York Knicks, one with the New Jersey Nets, proclamations by media members that LeBron James would go to the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, or stay in Cleveland, other proclamations that he’d rule out the Knicks… we might be back at square one.

Based on several people who have talked to LeBron in last 72 hours, he is giving impression he’s undecided after last week’s meetings.

I don’t trust most media reports after all the violently inaccurate ones we’ve heard, but Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Post-Dispatch has been more accurate and less willing to report on speculation than pretty much anybody in the biz. So this – along with LeBron’s second meeting with the Knicks on Saturday – leads me to believe any team might truly have a shot.
We could be in for the long haul, here, folks.