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Kovalchuk To Re-Up With Devils?

Reports are surfacing from all over the internet that Ilya Kovalchuk was offered a 7 year 60 million dollar offer from the New Jersey Devils.

After already saying no to the LA Kings, and with the Islanders apparently having never made an official offer, the Devils 8.6 million per year seems to be the closest dollar figure to the demands of Kovalchuk.

Personally I don’t think that we will see Kovalchuck get the 10 million a year that he is looking for in the NHL. There is still the reported 3 year 45 million dollar offer waiting from the KHL, but I truly think that Kovalchuk wants to stay in the NHL.

Anyway the Devils seem to be the team of choice, although never rule out Glen Sather and the New York Rangers for overpaying for a big name. More when it happens here but also make sure to check out In Lou We Trust for your Devils analysis.