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“We were just not able to find the right fit"

New York Mets General Manager Omar Minaya was unable to swing a deal or deals that might have injected some life into the scuffling team before Saturday’s non-waiver trade deadline.

“You have to be careful in giving blue-chip prospects,” Minaya said. “And look, also, where you are in the standings.”

A couple things broke against the club: A shoulder injury reduced some of hard-throwing pitcher Jenrry Mejia’s luster. Jason Bay’s concussion forced Jeff Francoeur into the starting lineup for the next two weeks — Francoeur, mired in a second-half slump, still had some value on the market.

The players who interested teams, Minaya explained, were too precious to both the future and the present.

[Ike] Davis ranks second on the team in home runs. [Jon] Niese is an effective third starter. Josh Thole is the starting catcher. The potential of their future contributions outweighed the necessity of upgrades in the present.

Minaya might be right. Mets’ fans looking for a big move and 2010 pennant push might be disappointed, however.