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Rosenthal: Yankees Doing What Only They Can

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports echoes Joel Sherman’s earlier sentiments that the New York Yankees are flashing their wallet at the trade deadline and seeing what their deep pockets can bring back.

The Yankees entered Friday thinking, “OK, we’ve got money. Few other clubs do. Let’s flex our muscles.”

They didn’t do anything too obnoxious, at least not by classic Steinbrenner standards. But at a time when most teams are counting every dollar, a time when teams such as the Dodgers and Rangers require financial assistance in virtually every trade, the Yankees are uniquely positioned to prey on the market.

Looking to purge your first baseman? Ready to dump your right fielder? Step right up, the Yankees are here to help!

“We’re like a clearinghouse,” one Yankees official said. “We’ve got a lot of applicants. We’re going through it, looking at the ones we’re interested in.”

I am certain there will be whining about this around baseball. The Yankees, though, are acting within the rules and doing everything they can to try and win. There is nothing wrong with that.