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Reports: Mets Unlikely To Get Any Help At Deadline

The New York Yankees are making a splash at the trade deadline, apparently acquiring Lance Berkman and being in the market for more help.

The New York Mets? They traded Mike Jacobs, but it doesn’t look like they are going to get much — if anything — else done at the deadline.

More likely, the Mets will continue their attempt to land a pitcher in the hours leading up to Saturday’s Deadline. But with Cliff Lee, Dan Haren and Roy Oswalt all sent to new teams, there is little that general manager Omar Minaya can do on that front. The market for relief pitching remains thin.

That leaves the Mets, most likely, in the unenviable position of hoping that their current group of players can be good enough. Competing with the Braves and the revamped Phillies — who on Thursday acquired Oswalt — has just become a more difficult challenge.

“My focus has to remain with the guys that we have in the clubhouse, and trying to get them to continue to fight and show the character that they’ve shown,” Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. “That’s got to be my focus at this point — not what Omar is doing or what he can do or what he can’t do. I’ve got to make sure those guys are going to be ready to play.”

So, looks like the Mets will be on the outside looking in while the crosstown Yankees have all the fun.