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Rosenthal Has More On Berkman

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has a series of tweets regarding the seemingly likely deal of Lance Berkman to the Yankees.

Here is what he says.

Yankees indeed moving quickly on Berkman, as others report. Team will NOT pick up 15M option as condition of deal; strictly a rental. …

A twist on Berkman: Due to his 10-5 rts, trade to #Yankees would not be official until after expiration of 24-hr window …

Source says he gave approval earlier today, so everything should be OK. But official word would not be until Sat. aft. …

He can rescind at any point during 24-hour window, but source doubts that will happen. Announcement likely tmrrow aft.

Looks like this is getting done. I actually kind of like it for the Yankees. They are only tying themselves to the veteran for the rest of the season, and perhaps playing in a pennant race will motivate him and help him turn around a so-far sub-par season. After all, I’m sure he wants a big-money deal from somewhere in the off-season.