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Time For Mets' Jason Bay To Hit DL

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Say what you will about the New York Mets, they are cockeyed optimists.

Time and time again, players who are injured remain on the roster, forcing the Mets to play short-handed, only to either end up on the Disabled List anyway, or return to action prematurely and hurt themselves even more. See Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo for details just this year, and a huge number of players last year.

But in the case of Jason Bay, who was diagnosed with a mild concussion- the injury equivalent of George Bluth's Light Treason- the time to put Bay on the shelf was days ago.

Instead, the Mets wanted to wait 48-72 hours, and see if his symptoms subsided. Never mind that they already let him fly following the injury on Friday night, or that if his symptoms disappear for a short time, they can re-appear. See Ryan Church for details.

Bay is, for better or worse, signed through 2013. But like so many other choices the Mets make, it is next week that is considered, not next year.

Fortunately (as odd as that sounds), the symptoms haven't subsided much. I say fortunately, because it may scare the Mets into doing what they ought to be doing anyway: playing it safe with their starting left fielder.