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Rays, Yankees Would Both Like To Add Slugger

There is really nothing new brewing on the Adam Dunn trade front this morning. Buster Olney of ESPN has some thoughts on Dunn’s potential AL East impact, since both the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays would seemingly like to have him.

The Washington slugger may or may not be dealt by the Nationals, and the worst nightmare for the Yankees or the Rays is that he winds up sitting in the middle of the lineup of their rival — because for all of his perceived flaws in his defense and in the way he accumulates strikeouts, Dunn is a big-time run producer who is capable of being a difference-maker.

If the Rays get him, he could bat behind Evan Longoria, so the Rays’ lineup could be Carl Crawford-Longoria-Dunn in the 2-3-4 spots. If the Yankees were to gain any momentum in their talks with Washington — and as of Thursday evening, all conversations had only been of a cursory nature — they could drop Dunn into the No. 2 spot in their lineup.

The Rays are going to get a hitter, in any event, and certainly Dunn would be the best who is actually within their reach. But at the very least, the Rays and the Yankees both would hope that their division rival does not find a way to land the big slugger.

Memo to the Nationals: Please, send Dunn anywhere but Tampa Bay. Pretty please, even!