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Another Warrant for Eddy Curry's Arrest Issued

Wow. Eddy Curry is in all types of trouble. Via Chicago radio station WLS:

For the second time in little more than a month, a Cook County judge has issued an arrest warrant for former Chicago Bull Eddy Curry in a legal case that raises new questions about the NBA player’s financial woes.

Cook County Circuit Judge Alexander White ordered Curry’s arrest on Monday, after learning Curry failed to sign an agreement to pay the balance of a $660,000 legal settlement reached after he was sued for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.

The case stems from a 2001 relationship the two had when she was 14 and Curry was 18.

The last arrest warrant was dealt with when Curry settled with the plaintiff out of court, but this is ugly. We hear about players struggling with money after their retirement from the league, but Curry’s still under contract and is in severe financial trouble: he apparently hasn’t paid his legal bills, hasn’t paid this woman, defaulted on a $75,000 loan earlier this year, and saw his mansion in the Chicago area go into foreclosure last year. All this while getting paid $11 million a year, despite only playing seven games last year. Worrisome.