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Yankees In Market For Adam Dunn, Says Former Nats GM Bowden

The Yankees, looking for another big bat for their lineup, are among the teams who are registering their interest in Washington Nationals slugger Adam Dunn, according to Jim Bowden, the former Nats and Reds GM turned Fox analyst. Bowden drafted Dunn when he was with the Reds and traded him to the Nationals in the first place.

But the Bombers aren’t the only AL East contender to ask about Dunn; Bowden also reports that the Tampa Bay Rays are interested. As’s Jon Bois points out, Dunn could really help the Rays, as he “would be an especially substantial improvement over current Rays DH Willy Aybar and his .715 OPS.”

The Chicago White Sox round out the list of AL clubs calling about Dunn “at this hour,” says Bowden.