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Terrell Owens A New York Jet?

Terrell Owens to the New York Jets?

Hey, why not? The Jets are already a soap opera with the bombastic, loves to hear himself talk head coach Rex Ryan having proclaimed that they are the "biggest show in town," contract issues for star corner Darrelle Revis and center Nick Mangold, HBO's 'Hard Knocks' filming training camp and a pair of ego-driven receivers in Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes already on the team.

So, sure, what the heck. Go ahead and add Owens, the walking soap opera and maybe biggest diva of all the diva wide receivers, to the mix.

It might even make sense from a football perspective, since the Jets are all in for 2010 -- having made enough noise that it's Super Bowl championship or a failed season for Gang Green. T.O.'s got about a year of top-notch football left, which is about how long before he will be unhappy and probably blowing up the locker room.

So, go ahead and go for it Jets.

ESPN's Rich Cimini is warning the Jets to stay away, citing the 'circus atmosphere' T.O. would create and reminding them of all the other teams who thought Owens would put them over the top, only to find out where he really sent them is under the bus.

Cimini is probably right. In my view, though, the Jets have already turned themselves into a circus act. So, why not bring in T.O. and make it a 'high wire without a net' act?

If nothing else, it would be fun to watch.