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SB Nation Top Five: Recent Missed Mets Targets

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With the acquisition of Dan Haren by the Angels, the Mets once again found themselves on the sideline for a player who could have helped bridge the gap between their superstar players and, well, the rest of the roster. Here are the five they will most regret missing out on:

1. CC Sabathia: Mets declined to bid on Sabathia, despite his youth and strikeout rate. Had they outbid the Yankees for him, the Mets could have had an ace to pair with Johan Santana for years to come. And all he would have cost was money and draft picks they gave up anyway- no players.

2. Dan Haren: Signed to a reasonable deal, all the Mets would have needed to trade for Haren was a package better than Joe Saunders, a top prospect and assorted dreck. Haren's fly ball tendencies would have played well in Citi Field.

3. Victor Martinez: Mets reportedly turned down a deal of Jenrry Mejia and Brad Holt for Martinez. But I'm sure V-Mart wouldn't help this struggling offense, right?

4. Adam Dunn: A slugger you can play in LF or 1B? Consistently 40 HR? Good thing the Mets didn't commit 2/20 to him so they could committ 4/66 to Jason Bay...

5. Carl Crawford (this winter): The logical result of the Bay deal: Mets won't be in on a versatile, younger player with more skills than Bay.