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Heyman: Yankees Are 'Big-Game Hunting'

Jon Heyman of says the New York Yankees might not need to acquire a big name at the trade deadline, but can’t seem to stop themselves from trying.

Here is how Heyman summarized the Yankees’ current activity on the trade market.

They say they want a bat for the bench and bullpen help, and that is true. But they can’t resist big-game hunting. They tried hard for Lee and Haren, and made a big proposal for Royals closer Joakim Soria, as well. They also have been in touch with the Nationals about big-time power hitter Adam Dunn but so far found the price prohibitive. With Andy Pettitte on the shelf with a groin issue, the Yankees wouldn’t mind upgrading their rotation, but they aren’t pursuing lifetime National Leaguer Oswalt, who’s always been an Astro. As for the offense, the Yankees are pondering hitters like Baltimore’s Ty Wigginton, Cleveland’s Jhonny Peralta and Florida’s Cody Ross.

I would love to know what ‘big proposal’ actually means in terms of Soria. He is a guy I would love to see in a Yankee uniform.